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Our charity fund has helped many people


Our charity fund has helped many people

The last call of the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund helped projects that make sense. Since 2006, we have distributed more than CZK 74 million to non-profit organizations and individuals. We received feedback, for example, from Amálka’s father, who needed intensive physiotherapy.


Amálka’s father, one of the recipients in the previous call, sent us a nice thank you:

“I would like to thank the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund through you for its contribution to intensive physiotherapy at the Arcada NeuroMedical Center for our daughter Amálka. For the several times, our daughter was able to complete 2-week exercising practice, in which we have very good experience. At the age of 5 and a half, she learns to sit independently and use her hands more effectively to be able to lean on them and use them for easy handling, for example with toys. The physiotherapy, which takes place in a special TheraTogs outfit, focused on these skills, and the 2-week physiotherapy moved her forward a bit again. As parents, we can see that these exercises make sense for our daughter, and this hard work allows her to master, at least in part, the things that are completely normal for a healthy person. Therefore, we would definitely like to continue them in the future.”


Another call from the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Charity Fund is slowly approaching, therefore follow our website, where we will inform you in time about its launch.