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VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund to launch a new cal


VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund to launch a new cal

Applications for financial support of your project implemented in Moravian-Silesian region in 2021 can be sent by you between 1 August and 15 September, 2020. More information can be found on this website where the documents which must be filled in will be published in time. We will be pleased to support projects which make sense also in this VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund year.


The Endowment Fund has contributed more than CZK 72 M for care for mentally or physically handicapped children, education and leisure activities of youth and also helped seniors to live a dignified and full-fledged life since 2006.

The financial support will be awarded based on decision made by the Endowment Fund Management Board.


VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund – we help people around us!