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Information for applicants

The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund supported projects in the region.

We thank all organizations and individuals who have submitted their projects under the 2020 call. We wish everyone to have enough strength and support in their work.
Thank you for helping the people around you!

An endowment grant can be provided to any legal entity or natural person whose activity complies with the purpose of the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund and that makes a written application for the provision of an endowment.

In the written application the applicant must identify themselves, must give a detailed description of the purpose and/or project that it is applying for support for, the expected level of costs and their characteristics, the required form of support and its level.

Send the correctly filled in form electronically as an excel file attachment. Send printed requests, which must be signed and stamped, to the correspondence address of the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund.

There is no legal right to an endowment grant. The administrative board decides on the provision of an endowment grant at its own discretion after a careful evaluation and consideration of all fundamental facts and circumstances of a concrete application. The administrative board can ask an applicant to add further information or documents to the application if they are important for the assessment and it designates a reasonable deadline for this.

The aim of the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund is to support the implementation of projects of all sizes, which means from small ones (up to CZK 50,000) to medium ones (up to CZK 500,000) to large ones (above CZK 500,000).

For projects where the implementation period exceeds 3 months, the endowment grant will be paid in instalments depending on the procedure for implementation of the individual project stages. The first part will be provided after the signature of the contract, and each next part will be provided within 30 days of delivery of the billing of the preceding part.

Qualification prerequisites

Requests for endowment grants must apply only to projects meeting the following criteria:
1. The project must be implemented within the Moravia-Silesia region
2. The project must contain a clear timetable of implementation , i.e., date for start and end of project and detailed budget and dates for drawing on any contribution from the fund
3. The total period for implementation of a project must not exceed one calendar year

Support cannot be provided for the following:
Financing of political parties or political movements.

Period for provision of support and checking performance:
Financial support is provided for a maximum of one calendar year. The performance of each supported project will be checked on the basis of submitted billing. In the case of projects with implementation lasting more than 3 months, drawing on the donation will be checked on an ongoing basis, always after the billing of individual provided amounts of the endowment grant.