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To whom we have helped

“Thanks to VÍTKOVICE STEEL endowment fund we could purchase ROOMER portable overhead lift designed for lifting and transporting immobile persons between rooms (bedroom, toilet, central bathroom) and during certain movements (such as transfer from bed to wheelchair and back). This substantially improved the quality of social service rendered to our clients. The work with this transport and lifting system requires far less physical effort than the work with classical lifts for immobile persons.”
(Hrabyně Social Service Centre)

“Private Elementary School for Multi-handicapped Pupils obtained a donation in the amount of CZK 49,876 from VÍTKOVICE STEEL endowment fund under the People from Steel Help programme. The school will use the money to build a new children’s playground in its premises improving the offer of leisure activities for the pupils. It is an assembly of tower with slide and rope. The “Playhouse” will induce children to exercise and improve their movement coordination when playing there. We all look forward to our “Playhouse” and thank to VÍTKOVICE STEEL endowment fund and the VÍTKOVICE STEEL employee whose generosity enabled us to implement the project. 
All VÍTKOVICE STEEL employees help.” 
(Mgr. Dagmar Mazáková, Principal of Private Elementary School for Multi-handicapped Pupils)

“A donation from VÍTKOVICE STEEL endowment fund under the People from Steel Help programme enabled us to purchase a polikarp construction set in the value of CZK 34,000 for our nursery school located at 23 Erbenova Street in Ostrava-Vítkovice. The acquired construction set will be used by us for a number of both controlled and spontaneous activities. Now we use different parts of it in physical training exercises. Various assemblies can be made of it including a small slide supporting the development of gross motor skills and physical dexterity of children. Children improve their sense of logic and spatial orientation during spontaneous games using the construction set.”
(Nursery school Erbenova 23, Ostrava) 

“CZK 41,062 donated from VÍTKOVICE STEEL endowment fund under the People from Steel Help programme enabled us to implement our “Building with Bořek“ project. We purchased construction sets for children from Bohumín nursery and elementary schools for the obtained money.  The primary purpose was to compare the technical skills of children from the different Bohumín schools and to have fun in one afternoon.” 
(Bohumín nursery and elementary schools) 

"Thanks to the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund we could carry out the project 'We Learn to Discover the World', which was prepared and implemented to improve the quality of pre-school education in a speech therapy class for children with special educational needs. The aim of this project is to ensure interactive tuition for children, which is seen as one of the latest methods of education and offers children a more entertaining and less stereotypical form of gaining information."
(Mateřská škola Ostrava – Výškovice, Staňkova 33, p.o.)

"Thanks to the financial support of the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund - People of Steel Help we managed to buy special aids for physiotherapy and multi-sensory stimulation exercise of disabled children. The special aids develop the senses and facilitate communication. Optical light fibres activate sensory perceptions and the reactions of children with infant cerebral palsy.“
(Želvička, o. s., project employee of VS)

"Thanks to the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund the hospital in Třinec bought an Acutronic Fabian Evolution machine for non-invasive respiration of newborns. Its function consists of the generation of a managed slight overpressure in the respiratory tract. The machine is important for overcoming the period of interrupted adaptation of the respiratory tract and stabilisation of respiratory tract," explained senior consultant Rucki.“
(Nemocnice Třinec, p.o.)

The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund helped us expand the offer of sports, relaxation and physiotherapy aids for families looking after children with infant cerebral palsy.“
(Centre for family and social care z.s.)

"The VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund supported our project, thanks to which we can commemorate the construction of historical iron furnaces from the La Tène era to the early middle ages, including demonstrations of the working of ductile iron as a commemoration of technological progress.“

"As part of the project People of Steel, the VÍTKOVICE STEEL Endowment Fund is helping support the ADRA Volunteer Centre. Thanks to financing we bought IT equipment to support the training of new volunteers who help the sick during difficult life situations and to support an improvement in communication between the centre and the volunteers.“
(ADRA, o.p.s, project employee of VS)